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At Bunnings, we're always looking to provide our customers with the best service.

Our product reviews capture authentic feedback across our widest range, allowing customers to make an informed decision on products for their D.I.Y. projects. We show a star rating and the review of the product from other customers (both positive and negative), and with hundreds of reviews being added every month across our range we’ll help you find the right product for your needs. 

Product review exampleHow do we collect our product reviews?

  1. A purchase is made on our website
  2. We send an email asking for feedback about their recent purchase
  3. You submit a review and verify your email address

How are reviews moderated?

All reviews go through a moderation process before they are displayed on our website to ensure they are relevant to the product that has been purchased, and free of any offensive or inappropriate comments.

Before a review can be published, you're required to verify your email address. Your review is then checked to make sure it adheres to our guidelines, after which, it will be published. Where a review does not meet our guidelines, you'll be notified that your review can't be published.

Why can’t my review be published?

Your review may not be published if it doesn’t meet our guidelines. Common reasons include:

  • profanity or generally inappropriate material
  • mentions of competitors or price
  • names or other personally identifiable information
  • customer service, store names or locations
  • lack of information, off topic or not relevant to the product being reviewed.

If your review was not published and you believe this to be incorrect, let us know.

Where can I provide feedback that’s not related to a product?

We welcome feedback on improving our service, our range and stores.

You can provide it online or contact your local store directly.