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Download the PowerPass App and save time in-store by paying in-app

Check stock, your PowerPass pricing, view eReceipts, plus skip the register and self-checkout in-store with the PowerPass App.

*Disclaimer: You must have a PowerPass account to download the App.

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Available on iOS and Android

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3 reasons to download the PowerPass App today!

Skip the registers and get back to work even faster with easy self-checkout

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View your PowerPass pricing and check stock before you head in-store

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Access eReceipts for easy book keeping and returns

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Need some help getting started?

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Switch between multiple PowerPass cards in the app with ease

You can now add multiple PowerPass cards to the PowerPass App. Switch accounts, transact, and keep track of purchases across different cards via the app with ease.

PowerPass App FAQs

Please contact our Customer Support Centre or visit us in store and one of our friendly Team Members will be happy to support you. You can reach us at 1800 797 586 or you can send us an email at powerpass@bunnings.com.au or, alternatively, in the app, head to Account -> Support.

This could be occurring for a range of reasons. First, check that you have a strong Wifi or mobile data connection. Secondly, you can clear your Playstore app cache in your phone settings. Finally, reset your phone. If you’ve completed these steps and it still isn’t working please contact our Customer Support Centre on 1800 797 586 or via email at powerpass@bunnings.com.au.

Head to Account and the version number will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.

No. You can only update to new versions of the app when they become available.

Search PowerPass in Google Play or Apple App Store and select Update.

You can leave feedback or connect to a Team Member by going to the home screen of the PowerPass App. Alternatively, you can leave feedback through the app by selecting Account -> Support > Give App Feedback.

Yes, you can scan your temporary card to get into the app. If you have a Credit or 30-Day account, you will need to first activate your card in store to set a PIN.

Please note: When you use your physical card for the first time, your temporary card will expire and you will need to sign back in with your new card details.

To view transactions from your temporary card, please login to the PowerPass Portal through the website. Here you can view account information, registered cards and transactional information in more detail.

Credit: If you haven't already activated your card and set a PIN for your Credit PowerPass card, you will need to head in-store to activate your card and set a PIN.

Cash: Scan or enter your PowerPass card number & follow the prompts to set a new PIN. If you’re still having trouble, you can reach us at 1800 797 586 or you can send us an email at powerpass@bunnings.com.au and our Team in-store can assist you with getting into the app.

You can reset your PIN via Account -> PowerPass Card when you're signed into the app or alternatively, visit us in store and we can reset your PIN at a register.

If you have a PowerPass Cash account (no credit limit setup), and have forgotten your PIN, you can reset your PIN by clicking 'Forgot PIN' in the registration flow.

If you have a Credit or 30-Day account, you will need to head in-store to reset your PIN if you've forgotten it.

You can have two devices linked to your PowerPass card at any one time. If you are the account holder on the account, you can also login to the PowerPass Portal on the website and remove these devices yourself. Alternatively, contact our Customer Support Centre on 1800 797 586 or email us at customersupport@bunnings.com.au.

Yes, you will need to apply for a PowerPass account in order to use the app. You can apply for a PowerPass account here.

This is due to your location services. Please confirm that your store is set to the store that you are trying to checkout at. You can do this in the cart or from the Home screen. Please make sure your location services are set to on while using the app and check your connectivity.

Please make sure that Precise Location is turned on. If Precise Location is turned off the app will not be able to determine if you are currently in our store and we will not be able to complete your in-store purchase. 

Your location services are used for performance reasons and allows us to identify your nearest stores and enables self-checkout.

This app uses your location information to help identify and shop at your nearest stores.

Yes, if the product location information is available, you can view where your product is on the store map by clicking the ‘Aisle’ link on the product details page. You can also add a path to view the quickest way to get there by the store entrance you are coming from.
If we don't have aisle information for a product, it's best to seek help from a team member in-store.
The product you are trying to find may be a product that we need to order in. To find out more, go to the Special Orders desk and talk to a team member. You can view the location of the Special Orders desk on the map via the Stores tab.
Sometimes our stock level or aisle data may differ from what you see in-store. We're working on making this information as accurate and up-to-date as possible. If you notice an incorrect location, please let a team member know or let us know via in app feedback.
You can view nearby store stock by clicking the ‘View nearby stores’ button on the product details page for each item.

Yes. You can create lists for your jobs and sharing with your Teams in the PowerPass App.

Yes. Use the icon at the top right of your list to share this with your customers and teams.

Yes, you can. The map for each store is available in the 'Stores' tab and by tapping ‘View store map’. You can also view the stores landmarks and services via this tab.
Yes, simply click on the stores tab and tap ‘View store map’. From here, tap ‘Store Directory’ from the bottom of the screen to see the services available.
A store may be under construction or new to the network. In this case, a new interactive map will be available soon.

Yes. Customers can now add multiple PowerPass cards to their app via the Account section.

You can add and remove multiple PowerPass cards to your app via the Account section. Under Account, you will see Manage cards. Simply click this to;

Add a card, by selecting Add a new PowerPass card and following the steps.

To remove a card, by clicking the cross icon to the right of the relevant card and confirming removal.

To change an active card, select the desired card in the Account section and confirm that you wish to use the newly selected card as your active card.

Your active card will be the card highlighted under the Account section. If you are unsure which card is active prior to completing a purchase, simply return to the Account section to see which card is selected.

The account name will be shown alongside the card number in the Account section.

Transactions linked to your card will be available to you through Account -> E-Receipts or via the Home page. Open the receipt you’d like to share or save and then tap share receipt. This creates a PDF file, easy to download and store or for sharing.

Please note: Receipts will only be shown for the active PowerPass card in the app. Remember to select the relevant card under the Accounts section to see the relevant receipts.

This is not currently available in the app however we are working towards adding this functionality in the future. You can however export and share your eReceipts individually as a PDF.

No. You can view your balance in the app however you will need to login to the PowerPass Portal through the website, pay in store or phone our PowerPass Credit Team to pay your account on 1800 980 050.

No. For security reasons we only accept your physical PowerPass card, temporary card or digital card on the PowerPass App. We cannot accept your PowerPass in any other form, including photos or photocopies of your card, or via third party applications.

The payment methods available in the app are:

  • PowerPass Credit
  • Credit Card
  • PayPal
  • ZipPay
  • Pay at Register

You don’t need to add your credit card details to use the PowerPass App. This is an optional feature that allows you to save your credit card(s) for seamless checkout via the app in store.

Please note a temporary charge of $1.00 or less will appear as ‘Pending’ in your transaction history to verify that your card is valid. This will be automatically refunded within 3-5 business days. You will need to enter this amount into the app in order to verify your card.

Please contact your card issuer if the charge remains after 30 days.

Card verification is required for security reasons so that we know that the person using the card is you.

Some banks may not show pending amounts. Please contact your card issuer if you cannot see the pending amount.

This is not currently available in the app. However we are working towards delivering this feature to you in the future.

This is not currently available in the app. However, we are working towards delivering this feature to you in the future.

If you complete a purchase using the wrong PowerPass card while shopping in store, a team member can help process a refund and new sale to the correct PowerPass card. If you are no longer in the store, please contact our Customer Support Centre on 1800 797 586 for assistance.

*Please note refunds can take 3 to 5 business days to process.

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