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The Women in Apprenticeships Awards 2024 – Meet our 10 Winners!

Jessica - Plumber ACT

I decided I wanted to make my way into plumbing before I found out I was pregnant, but after having my little girl it makes me work so much harder and want to be the best plumber I can be. I’m now in the second year of my apprenticeship, I’m passionate about all sectors of plumbing, and at Watertight we do a lot of maintenance and strata work.

I really enjoy plumbing for the problem-solving aspect and really like to perfect each job I’m doing; I love when a customer is really happy with my work. I also love playing an important role in the community with supplying clean water. I’m always learning new things on the job and perfecting new skills, every day being different from the next is really exciting. Winning this support pack would really be huge for me, I’d be able to buy the rest of the tools I need for the trade.

Tuggeranong Women in Apprenticeships winner.

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