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As a retailer, we source our products from literally thousands of different suppliers, from all parts of the globe. In rough terms, about 40% of the products sold in our stores are sourced from businesses who manufacture in Australia and New Zealand. The countries and communities from which we source our products are very important to us and we’re committed to ensuring the products we sell come from legal and sustainable operations, with good working conditions and fair treatment of people.

An important area of focus for us is timber and we have a zero tolerance approach to illegally logged timber. Our goal is to ensure all timber and wood products supplied to Bunnings originate from legal and well-managed forest operations and we have made excellent progress in this area, with more than 99% of our whole timber product now sourced from low-risk plantation or other legally verified forest operations.

Our work in this area is ongoing and we continue to work closely with our suppliers, environmental organisations and government in order to achieve our goal. We actively seek advice from WWF and Greenpeace to maintain a robust timber sourcing policy.

In June 2009, Bunnings was the lead signatory to the joint industry, wood product sector and conservation group statement led by Greenpeace which called for a federal government ban on the importation of illegally logged timber into Australia. Bunnings also supported the Common Platform which was presented to the Federal Government in April 2011.

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