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Frame & Truss

We supply high quality prefabricated roof trusses, wall frame and floor-truss systems.

Bunnings Frame and Truss plant

We can help

Streamline your installation

Delivered direct to site and ready for installation, our prefabricated frames and trusses make the build process faster and more efficient than traditional framing solutions.

Reduce your labour costs

Prefabrication reduces the need for skilled labourers to spend time constructing on-site, significantly reducing your labour costs.

Accelerate your project completion

Faster installation process and reduced on site construction helps fast-track your project completion.

Improve site safety

Constructed in our off-site quality-controlled environment, this helps reduce the safety risks associated with building frames on-site.

Our Frame and Truss team provides superior service and advice

Dedicated Frame and Truss Team

Our team of Frame and Truss specialists will partner with your business to help deliver your projects on time and on budget. Our experienced estimators and designers provide custom-made solutions to meet your specifications, ensuring all products are built in accordance with industry requirements.

Our highly skilled production team will fabricate your trusses and frames to the highest standard, with strict quality control measures in place.

Bunnings trade team members

Contact us

Our friendly Customer Engagement Team are available to speak to you Monday to Friday between 7:00am to 5:00pm AEST (excluding Public Holidays)

Phone: 1800 202 222

Email: FrameAndTruss@bunnings.com.au