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Box of Pryda wall plate screes
As part of its ongoing commitment working more quickly and easily on build sites, Pryda has introduced new Stick Build Framing Screws to the Pryda FastFix™ family.

These framing screws are engineered to be a safer, stronger, faster and more efficient solution for securing wall plates in stick-built frames. The new range is suited for on-site stick build construction to provide a secure Stud to Wall Plate connection.

It attaches the top plate and the bottom plate to your studs better and faster than the traditional method of using a stud tie or strap. This helps to speed up the work on- site and provides a clean finish for follow- on trades.

Why Pryda stick build framing screws?

With more than 50 years’ experience in the Australian market, Pryda have given great consideration to the design of these screws, making sure they have the same quality expected from Pryda products.

Thanks to the longer thread length and large diameter head, the screws provide a flush finish versus standard stud ties or straps, delivering better quality outcomes during the build process, especially for follow-on applications such as plasterboard, painting, or cladding.

Man screwing screws into timber

Key features of Pryda's Stick Build Framing Screws

1. Large diameter head: Superior hold-down strengths

2. Wider thread: High resistance to withdrawal

3. Slotted tip: For a quicker start, reduced splitting and reduced driving force

4. Compliant to AS1684 and laboratory-tested in Australia: Head stamped to ensure quality and instant identification of the screw size and length

Check out the range

Check out the range of the Pryda FastFix™ Stud to Wall Plate Screws.

Box of Pryda wall plate screesTo quote for your next job, you can log in to view your PowerPass prices across the range, view the retail price, or contact your local Trade Specialist or Account Manager to find out more..


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