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An indoor tiled area with installed drainage system, overlooking a driveway
There are no visible grates when you install EasyDRAIN Edge, Everhard’s new to market architectural drainage system

Modern seamless slot drains can strike an ideal balance between functionality and aesthetic. By concealing drainage trenches underneath tiles or pavers, they do not break with the overall aesthetic of the design and still provide excellent surface water removal.

Drainage pipe.

Shortlisted in the 2020 Sustainability Awards, Green Building Materials category - Edge is Australian Made, designed and manufactured using 100% recycled plastics with a UV stabiliser to extend the lifespan of the product.

Good design award gold winner. Image of drain installed in a wall.

Features and benefits of EasyDRAIN

  1. Installed under tiles and pavers, revealing only a small 20mm slot of water capture. All the work is done under the surface.
  2. Completely rust free, built to withstand Australia’s harsh weather conditions and can be installed in areas affected by salt water and chemicals. Making Edge perfect for pools and coastal homes.
  3. Polymer is a cost effective material making EasyDRAIN Edge a budget friendly system in comparison to premium stainless steel systems and customised drainage systems that achieve the same result.
  4. Drainage channel is a 100mm deep profile and comes in 1m lengths. The range includes an Access Pit for cleaning and Internal and External corners to suit various layouts. The system also has an optional Heel Friendly Insert, the insert converts the system to an accessible system, adhering to industry standards AS1428. 

An outdoor pool area with installed drainage system, behind a pool

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3D compositions of an outdoor area with installed drainage, one with the drains superimposed over the image