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DeWalt Powerstack Battery
With the DEWALT® POWERSTACK™ battery, DEWALT® is the world’s first major power tool brand to use pouch cell batteries designed for the construction industry. This innovation heralds a new era of cordless power tool performance, with batteries that are lighter, more compact and more powerful.

The pouch cell potential

The DEWALT® POWERSTACK™ 18V compact battery delivers 50 percent more power in a design that is 25 percent more compact. This revolutionary design was created with industry professionals in mind: It is versatile, highly maneuverable, durable, and powerful.

The battery is ideal for cutting, drilling and fastening applications, completing precision tasks and working in tight spaces. Its durable rubber over-mold provides impact resistance while protecting finished surfaces.

The DEWALT® POWERSTACK™ 18V compact battery is compatible with all DEWALT® 18V XR tools and chargers in the 18V XR system.

Key features of the DEWALT® POWERSTACK™ battery

1. It is 50 percent more powerful than the DCB183 battery, enabling broad application capabilities and fast performance with cordless tools.

2. It is 25 percent more compact, which provides more manoeuvrability, higher precision and reduced fatigue in tight workspaces, when compared to the DCB183 battery.

3. It has twice the lifespan, in terms of charge cycles, when compared to the DCB183 battery, which increases its investment value.

4. The battery pack has a LED fuel gauge that displays the battery’s state-of-charge, which helps avoid any unplanned work stoppages.

Leaders in innovation

DEWALT®, a Stanley Black & Decker brand and leader in jobsite solutions, has been at the forefront of trailblazing technology since 1924. Its POWERSTACK™ battery is the next in a line of world-class products that get the job done, paving the way for a new threshold of cordless power tool performance.

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