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Ametalin ceafire weatherproofing laid across an animated shot of a two-story house
Ametalin is Australia’s leading designer and manufacturer of pliable building membranes in the Australian building industry. With years of technical expertise, Ametalin’s research and development team have successfully introduced a number of breakthrough and innovative products to the Australian and global market.


What is Ametalin CeaseFire™?

The ultimate non-combustible weather-proofing and vapour management membrane for NCC fire-resisting systems in Australian buildings.

Roll of CeaseFire Non-combustible Roof and Wall Insulation 

Why choose Ametalin CeaseFire™?

It exceeds the current requirements of the National Construction Code for non-combustible construction

The National Construction Code mandates that membranes in multi-storey buildings be fireproof, waterproof, and in cooler climates, vapour permeable. Before Ametalin, no building wrap met all three criteria.  Ametalin CeaseFire is the first and only product on the market to tick all three boxes, not only in Australia but around the world. 

It’s Australia’s first fireproof vapour permeable building membrane 

Designed for use in multi-storey residential and commercial buildings, Ametalin CeaseFire will not burn, which means that it can’t contribute to fire spreading between tenancies via the building facade, as was seen with London’s Grenfell Towers and Melbourne’s Lacrosse Building.  

It’s ideal for building and renovating in bushfire-prone areas

For BAL-12.5 to BAL-FZ where the incorporation of a sealed secondary barrier to ember, wind and radiant heat attack is required.

It’s a high-strength total air, water and weather barrier

CeaseFire has superior water and air barrier and strength properties which assists in the energy efficiency, weather proofing and condensation management in walls in non-tropical climate zones.

It has a 25 year warranty

The Ametalin CeaseFire product comes with a 25 year warranty so you can rest assured knowing that you will easily meet the normal design life of your build.

Find out more

Learn more about the product specifications of Ceasefire™, or take a look at our full range of Ametalin insulation systems and laminates.

A sheet of CeaseFire insulating sheet folded over itself

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